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Jack Attaway

Jack Attaway Eyes: Black
Hair: Blonde
Race: Human

Occupation: Bodyguard
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Ma Attaway (mother)
Base of operations: Chicago

Story: Jack and his friend Sammy Day work as bodyguards (gorillas) in Chicago in the 1930s. Jack is the choleric hot head who always have ideas for making money. He is usually also the one to get into trouble.

Equipment: Jack usually carries assorted guns, hand grenades etc.

Continuity: Sammy
Publisher(s): Dupuis Publishing
First app.: "La samba des gorilles" in Le Journal de Spirou # 1667 (1970)
Creator(s): Berck (Arthur Berckmans)
Raoul Cauvin
Country of origin: Belgium Belgium

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