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Gordon Whitfield

Gordon Whitfield Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Race: Human

Occupation: Leader of the Utah faction of the Brotherhood
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Publicly known
Group affiliation: The Brotherhood

Story: Gordon was the leader of the Utah faction of the Brotherhood. Like Layil of a competing faction, he recognized Fatale's strength and value in taking control of the Brotherhood. Instead of killing her he tried to convince her to help him [1]. Along with Liém, a friend of Fatale's two helpers Duke and Donny, he managed to get Fatale placed as the leader of the unified Brotherhood [2].

Continuity: Broadway Comics
Publisher(s): Broadway Comics
First app.: Fatale (vol. 1) #1 (1995)
Creator(s): Jim Shooter
Janet Jackson
Joseph A. James
Pauline Weiss
J.G. Jones
Country of origin: USA USA

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