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Adriance Carpathia

Adriance Carpathia Place of birth: Oren

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 135 lbs
Race: Human

Occupation: Pilot flying Tammidega, a type of mecha called Ion
Marital Status: Widow
Group affiliation: Oren military

Story: Like other children on Oren, Adriance grew up under the controlling regime on the hemisphere. Her parents being lost in the war, she was raised in an adopted family.

Like other children she was tested as a age 16 she entered the academy. Here she showed strong leadership skills and was transferred to the Way Station south of Landerra. Her husband, a fellow pilot at the academy, was lost soon afterward in the same never-ending war.

Adriance met Kel after he saved her life from a Lotherialian attack which left her the sole survivor of the unit she was leading. Feeling a misplaced guilt over what happened she became determined to help Kel uncover the truth surrounding the strange circumstances of the night he saved her.

Continuity: The Dark Labyrinth
Publisher(s): Dark Ocean Studios
First app.: The Dark Labyrinth #1 (2007)
Creator(s): Jody Parker
Geoff Porter
Country of origin: USA USA

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Wall paper:
Dark Ocean Studios
1280 x 960