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Alfredo's son

Alfredo Jr. Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Known relatives: Fru. Alfredo (mother)
Alfredo (father)

Continuity: Alfredo
Publisher(s): P.I.B.
First app.: Late 1940s
Creator(s): Jørgen Mogensen
Cosper Cornelius
Country of origin: Denmark Denmark

Background notes: Alfredo's son is the spitting image of his father. Except for the mustache, he is visually just a scaled down version of Alfredo. Storywise he is a kid just like Ferd'nand's kid: An expansion of the cast used to tell father/son jokes or jokes which requires a kid, and like Ferd'nand's son he worked really well in that capacity. Like Mrs. Alfredo he never got a name due to Alfredo being a pantomime strip.

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