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Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Height: Varying, up to 40'
Race: Electromagnetic being

Skills & abilities: Zzzax's body being made of electricity enables him to incinerate matter which lies in his path. The powers can be focused in powerful blasts of electricity fired from his body. When he's most powerful, Zzzax is forty feet tall and carries a voltage of several hundred thousand volts that can be almost totally expended over a twenty minute period.

Zzzax's powers come from absorbing all available electromagnetic fields into him. This includes the energy in the human brain, which Zzzax finds pleasurable and makes him kill/incinerate people for their energy whenever possible. The only being resistant to Zzzax is Hulk from whom he cannot draw energy. Instead he can take over control of the electronic impulses in Hulk's body thereby controlling Hulk's body.

Continuity: Marvel Universe (616)
Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
First app.: Incredible Hulk #166 (1973)
Creator(s): Steve Englehart
Herb Trimpe
Country of origin: USA USA

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