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Madame Adolphine

Madame Adolphine Alias: Lady d'Olphine

Eyes: Black
Hair: Gray
Race: Robot

Story: Madame Adolphine is a robot created by Mr. Vladlavodka to look like the real Madame Adolphine. Unfortunately he got some wires crossed when he created the robot and instead of being a sweet old lady like the real Madame Adolphine, the robot became evil. She started robbing people and places and formed a gang to help her in her crimes. The police, Benoît, and Mr. Vladlavodka had a hard time catching her, as she looked like the real Madame Adolphine, but eventually, after a few mix-ups, they did catch and deactivate her [1].

The robot didn't stay deactivated for long. Mr. Vladlavodka's cousin Melchior, who was visiting, found and activated Madame Adolphine who knocked him down and escaped. This time she went to Monte Carno (i.e. Monte Carlo) to start her crimes. Benoît, Mr. Vladlavodka and Melchior went after her and eventually caught her [2].

Continuity: Benoît Brisefer
Publisher(s): Dupuis
Le Lombard
First app.: Spirou #1292 (1963)
Creator(s): Peyo (Pierre Culliford)
Country of origin: Belgium Belgium

Background notes: Madame Adolphine is one of the great examples on how to combine two great plots in stories: The evil twin and the mistaken identity. Combined with the innocence in the series, hilarious situations were ensured. Originally it was the robot Madame Adolphine who was the main character, but later, in Hold-up sur pellicule, the real Madame Adolphine took over as main character.

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