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December 30, 2012: 2012 is almost over and WeirdSpace Digital Library has been live for around nine months. Compared to WeirdSpace, the digital library has grown a lot faster in popularity than the encyclopaedia. In nine months I've reached the level of visitors it took me 24 months reaching with the .dk domain... and the competition is a lot tougher today. It could be argued that the site is having a lot of help by WeirdSpace being an old and established name (by Internet standards), but the site is finding its own voice and niche in the big, bad Internet. I've already had some unexpected and exciting reactions to the site. It's going to be an exciting year!

August 3, 2012: Back when I started my first site, one of the first major milestones was reaching 100 visitors per day. I think it may actually be more difficult reaching the 100 visitors mark today than it was back in 2003, however, WeirdSpace was already an established name and some of the content had been available for more than a year, so reaching the 100 visitors per day took around 10 days.

One of the things I've considered is having adds on this site. I would be surprised if I ever made any real money on this site, by showing adds. On the other hand, it might pay for the extra space required for a site like this. The cover scans require quite a bit of space. Not because they are big, a cover is only around 0.5 MB, but 2000 indexed comics and you have 1 GB of disc space. So far it is only an idea that I'm considering.

May 3, 2012: So, I got everything transferred to the new site, and it has been running smoothly for a couple of weeks. As always with new sites, it takes some time to get noticed, but contrary to when I started the other sites, I actually have a plan of sorts.

April 5, 2012: I've been thinking about splitting parts of the site off to another site, for some time now. While I do like the idea of having everything placed on the same site, the site structure became cluttered and annoying to maintain. Especially since the databases and e-texts have some other requirements than the rest of the site, did the development of these parts head off in another direction than the rest of the site. Better to split up in two sites, so I did. I bought the name and server space today, and in the next couple of days I'll start the transfer.