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December 26, 2017: 2017 has been busy year for the site. The site has both gotten new content and been the source for books that I've published. It would be nice to get the front page fixed, and the site needs some welcome pages for the subparts especially a Danish page presenting the Danish content. I need to update the general coding for the adaptive design anyway, so I guess I'll be doing the pages as a part of that. Anyway, with the book I've bought for digitalization, 2018 looks like an exciting year, so let's get the show on the road ASAP!!

June 7, 2017: Almost halfway through the year, and this is the first entry on the site page! I've been spending a lot of time generating new material for the site, but other than the new material, the site has been taking care of itself. I'm planning an much needed update of the front page, but I haven't had the time yet. New content is more important.