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December 30, 2013: Moving out the Danish and American comic book indexes made the number of visitors per day drop, so when looking at the stats it looks as if the site didn't do very well in 2013. It did! Quite well actually. Strangely enough, the drop in visitors is not as big as the number of visitors on the two sites, indicating an overall gain by the spin-offs. Anyway, more visitors are coming to the site, and each visitor is reading more pages and staying on the site longer, so for this site we have to declare 2013 a success. 2014, here we come... more entertaining literature to be made available!

July 27, 2013: The American comic book index has grown considerably for the last year, so back in June I moved that part to a separate site called

March 25, 2013: The Danish comic book index has grown considerably for the last year, so I've moved that part to a separate site called

March 10, 2013: A couple of years ago I made a script for random display of logos and links to various publishers on all the pages on I also made a random show of causes I found recommendable, e.g. Red Cross. From a technological point of view they worked really well. Fast, with a minimum of band width, and using a part of the pages that wasn't used for anything. When I started this site, I transferred the programming along with the rest of the design. Only problem was that apparently nobody cared. Not even the ones I tried to help. After more than two years (less that one year on this site, for obvious reasons) of this apparently pointless attempt at raising awareness I've taken it down.

February 10, 2013: So, 2013 and the site is running smoothly. As always I'm considering new additions to the site, but I do have my hands full with the content that I'm currently trying to put in here, so for now I'll just keep expanding the current types of content. Anyway, et appears that a lot of people are very pleased with the Danish public domain literature I upload here, so I guess I'll get back to work, doing exactly that.