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Jacob Revere

Jacob Revere Date of death: 1997
Place of death: R.A.G.E. headquarters

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey
Race: Human

Legal status: US citizen
Known relatives: Eseau Revere (brother)
Group affiliation: U.S. Army
Base of operations: R.A.G.E. Headquarters (location unknown)

Story: Lt. Col. Jacob Revere was a super-spook operative for the US army special forces. He went missing during a covert mission against the Iraqis during Desert Storm in '91 and resurfaced as leader of R.A.G.E. in 1997 [1].

Revere was only leader a short time after X-O Manowar came into existence. Citadel, the leader of Hard Corps, was interested in getting his hands on the X-O armor and formed and alliance with R.A.G.E. [2]. Revere was killed by Citadel when he tried to stop Citadel from taking over the control of R.A.G.E. [3].

Continuity: Valiant VH-2
Publisher(s): Acclaim Comics
First app.: X-O Manowar (vol. 2) #2 (1997)
Creator(s): Mark Waid
Brian Augustyn
Sean Chen
Country of origin: USA USA

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