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Ebony: [USA] Terrance Desilva, one of the front figures at JFH: Justice-for-Hire (Creative Impulse Entertainment).

Eddie Collins: [USA] The ShadowHawk from 1996 to 2010, from Shadowline, Jim Valentino's part of the original Image Universe.

Edward Bear: [United Kingdom] A name used once for Winnie The Pooh from A. A. Milne and Disney's series.

Edward Hyde: [USA] Alan Moore's version of Robert Louis Stevenson's monster/villain from America's Best Comics (ABC).

Eek: [USA] The purple cat who tries to help everyone (Fox Kids).

Eeyore: [United Kingdom] The sad toy donkey from A. A. Milne and Disney's series Winnie the Pooh.

Elizabeth Rowan: [USA] Black Betty, a magician and StormWatch operative from WildStorm/DC Comics.

Elmo: [USA] The elk from Eek! The Cat (Fox Kids).

Engelmann: [Germany] Hansi Engelmeier, Nicolas Mahler's tragic super-hero.

Enigma: [USA] Faceless entity from Rob Liefeld's part of the original Image Universe.

Ennui [USA] The undead girl from Calan Ree's series GingerDead and Friends.

Ergo: [Denmark] The lion taming mouse from Torben Osted's series Fodring Forbudt.

Eric Cartman: [USA] The fat kid from South Park.

Erica Pierce: [USA] The physicist who became Mothergod, from Valiant Heroes - 1 and 2.

Eternal Warrior: [USA] Gilad Anni Padda the immortal warrior from Valiant Heroes - 1.

Ethan Crane:

Eurial: [USA] Cenobite warrior woman from Dale Keown's part of the original Image Universe/Full Bleed.

Evy: [USA] Danish name for Christie, the littel girl from Jerry Dumas and Mort Walker's series Sam and Silo.

Experiment 13: [USA] Lummox, a failed attempt at creating a new kind of man, from Valiant Heroes - 1.

Exploding Girl: [USA] A contestant with explosive powers for the reality show/super-hero team WildGuard by Todd Nauck.