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Emil Blonsky

Alias: Abomination
Agent R-7
The Ravager of Worlds

Place of birth: Zagreb, Yugoslavia

Eyes: Green, originally brown
Hair: None, originally brown
Height: 6' 8''
Weight: 980 lbs
Other distinguishing features: The Abomination has two toes on each foot, webbed ears, and a ridged brow.
Race: Human

Occupation: Former spy, former first mate on the starship Andromeda, former agent of the Galaxy Master, criminal
Legal status: Citizen of Yugoslavia with no criminal record (later retconned to be Russian)
Marital Status: Presumed to be married still
Identity: Secret
Known relatives: Nadia (first wife)
Nadia (second wife)
Group affiliation: Former partner of the Rhino, former member of the crew of the starship Andromeda, former agent of Galaxy Master, former agent of Modok
Base of operations: Mobile

Story: Before his transformation, Blonsky had two wives named Nadia. The first wife he loved, but she left. No further information whether she just left or she died. The second wife he treated badly, using her to vent his frustrations. After his beating her she fled [1].

Original story: Emil Blonsky was a spy from Yugoslavia sent to sabotage the military base. Blonsky tried several times to sabotage the base's missile system but with no luck. While he was there, Bruce Banner was trying to cure himself by exposing himself to strong gamma radiation at the time. Not knowing what he was doing, Blonsky activated the machine, thus exposing him to massive doses of gamma radiation. The radiation changed him to a green monster that became known as the Abomination [3].

Retcon: Blonsky was hired by "Thunderbolt" Ross to help with the problem with Hulk. After one of Hulk's fights with the army, Blonsky found a container with isotopes that Bruce Banner had lost. The isotopes were something Bruce wanted to try out for recreating the conditions that led to him becoming the Hulk and ultimately leading to a cure. Blonsky grabbed the container and was exposed to the gamma radiation. When he woke after the shock he was still human in appearance, but he had been changed [1]. Like the Hulk, he changed into a green monster, but retained his personality, and for a while he could change between human and Abomination form. It was during this period he fought the Hulk the first time [2].

Skills & abilities: The Abomination possesses superhuman strength, enabling him lift (press) approximately 100 tons and leap great distances (2 miles in a single bound has been observed). He possesses a high degree of invulnerability towards impact from projectiles (direct hits by field artillery cannon shells have been seen), heat (up to 3,500° F without blistering), and cold (down to -175° F without freezing). The Abomination's invulnerability includes immunity to all terrestrial disease.

Extreme pain or cold or extended lack of oxygen can cause him to enter a coma-like state of suspended animation, in which he can survive for long periods.

Blonsky's powers have so far been stable in the sense that he cannot change to a human form, and his powers are not influenced by his emotional state.

Continuity: Marvel Universe (616)
Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
First app.: Tales to Astonish #90 (1967)
Creator(s): Stan Lee
Gil Kane
Country of origin: USA USA

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