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Ralph Dibney

Alias: The Elongated Man
The Ductile Detective
The Stretchable Sleuth

Place of birth: Waymore, Nebraska, USA

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 178 lbs.
Race: Human

Occupation: Adventurer
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Married
Identity: Publicly known
Known relatives: Sue Dibney (wife)
Ken Dibney (brother)
Jake (uncle)
Jim (uncle-in-law)
Group affiliation: Justice League of America
Base of operations: Mobile

Story: Ralph Dibney grew up, the second son of an average Midwestern family. One day, when he was nine, he and his family visited a traveling sideshow, where he saw a contortionist perform. Curious about how it was possible, he set out to learn the secret of the rubber men. Over the years he noticed, that every contortionist he saw was drinking Gingold. Fully aware that if might just be they liked the beverage, he started experimenting and extracted the main ingredient in Gingold, the juice from the tropical fruit Gingo. The experiment succeeded, and Ralph gained the ability to stretch his body [The Flash (1st series) #112].

Setting out to become a hero, he made a costume and donned a mask and went to work under the name The Elongated Man [The Flash (1st series) #112]. Even though he wore a mask, he never made much of an effort to hide his identity, and shortly after he dropped the mask [Detective Comics #327]. His identity was common knowledge at the time and had been for a while.

Early in his career as the Elongated Man, he met socialite Sue Dearbon, and it was apparently love at first sight so he married her shortly after [The Flash (1st series) #119]. It was later revealed, that they met at her debutante ball, where he was looking for some jewel thieves [Identity Crisis #1]. Sue was the supporting wife, following Ralph on his travels, all over the World.

Skills & abilities: When drinking the elixir Gingold, Ralph has the ability to stretch any part of his body as he desires.

Continuity: pre-crisis Earth-1
Publisher(s): DC Comics
First app.: Comics: The Flash #112 (1960)
Creator(s): John Broome
Carmine Infantino
Country of origin: USA USA

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