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Raymond Garrison

Bloodshot Alias: Michael Lazarus
Angelo Mortalli

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6' 8''
Weight: 402 lbs
Other distinguishing features: White skin
Race: Human - cyborg

Occupation: Leader of D.O.A. (Domestic Operations Authority) a covert operations arm of the US government
Group affiliation: D.O.A. (Domestic Operations Authority)

Story: Only very little has been revealed about Raymond Garrisons past. He was a soldier in the Vietnam war, which was where he died the first time. He was only dead for a few moments before being revived by a medic [5]. He apparently continued as a soldier as he was working as a soldier in Iran for the Regan/Bush administration. It is unknown when he joined DOA, but when he was in Iran, he was a D.O.A. operative working for Simon Oreck [4].

In his last job for D.O.A., he worked under cover as Angelo Mortalli to infiltrate the Cianelli crime family. As he was going to go deep under cover he was trained to the point where he actually became Angelo Mortalli instead of Raymond Garrison. Somehow something went wrong however. Garrison was exposed on the job and killed [3-4].

Garrison was resurrected as Bloodshot, an experiment led by Simon Oreck who worked in Project: Lazarus, a project on reanimating the dead. By mistake, the Angelo Mortalli personality was reanimated instead of Garrison's, giving a lot of confusion and ending with Bloodshot escaping the lab where he had been resurrected [1].

Realizing that he was not Raymond Garrison, as everyone believed, he started searching for someone who knew about Angelo Mortalli [1-2]. Eventually he got his thoughts back in order and found out that he was Raymond Garrison who had worked as Angelo Mortalli [3-4]. The resurrection process had however left some gaps in his memory, which he tried to fill out. Since the soul does not readily come back from Deadside, the place where the souls reside after death, and Raymond Garrison's soul was actually seen in Deadside, it has been suggested by Shadowman, that Bloodshot was growing a new soul and was therefore not really Raymon Garrison either [6].

Realizing he was really neither Raymond Garrison nor Angelo Mortalli, he created the identity Michael Lazarus, an identity he could also use for practical purposes like travels, banking accounts etc. [4].

Bloodshot eventually returned to D.O.A. to finish his business with Simon Oreck who couldn't leave him in peace. It all ended with Bloodshot killing Oreck, shutting down Project: Lazarus and taking over as leader of D.O.A. [7].

Skills & abilities: The enhancements in Bloodshot's body gives him enhanced strength and reflexes. The nanites makes it possible for him to regenerate lost bodyparts by absorbing organic matter like steaks or cats. The nanites also makes his body malleable enabling him to change his looks into e.g. a fat person of African or Asian origin.

Equipment: Garrison's body contains nanites in the bloodstream and cybernetic implants including an interface for communicating with computers.

Continuity: Valiant VH-2
Publisher(s): Acclaim Comics
First app.: Bloodshot (vol. 2) #1 (1997)
Creator(s): Len Kaminski
Sal Velluto
Country of origin: USA USA

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