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Gertrude Wilson

Gertrude Wilson Date of birth: 28 years ago

Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 138 lbs.
Race: Human

Occupation: Mercenary and bodyguard
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Group affiliation: Jeno Jacobs organization, no name revealed yet.
Base of operations: Xanitao Island, South Pacific & Chicago, Illinois, USA

History: Gertrude worked as a bodyguard for Jeno Jacobs and was around when Shy Stevens and Lisa were brought in as club drug suppliers. Gertrude assisted in Lisa's downward spiral into extreme parties, sex, and drugs, but after Shy's murder she realized that she was in love with Shy. Gertrude continued working for Jeno for the years they thought Shy was dead (but actually training) [1,2]. Upon their discovery of her one woman crusade against them, Gertrude set up "tests" to see for herself what Shy has learned [3]. In a woman-to-woman fight she proved herself as Shy's superior, but her arrogance and blind lust proved to be her undoing [4].

Thought to be dead, Gertrude resurfaces on Traner's organization's radar and Shy is sent to retrieve an object from her [5] (The result of that confrontation will be resolved within the currently unpublished ChiSai: Duality #2).

Skills & abilities: Gertrude is skilled in martial arts/hand-to-hand combat.

Continuity: Approbation Comics Continuity
Publisher(s): Approbation Comics
First app.: Myriad #1 (2005)
Creator(s): Bart A. Thompson
Country of origin: USA USA

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