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Andrew Nolan

Alias: Ferro Lad

Date of birth: January 11
Place of birth: Earth
Date of death: Around 2975
Place of death: Undisclosed place in the Milky Way

Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 155 lbs.
Race: Human mutant

Occupation: Legionnaire
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Douglas Nolan (brother)
Group affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Base of operations: 30th Century Earth

Story: Ferro Lad joined the Legion of Super-Heroes along with Nemesis Kid, Princess Projectra and Karate Kid [1]. He was only a member of the Legion for a short while, before he sacrificed his life to save Earth and the Milky Way from a Sun-Eater by carrying an absorbatron bomb into the center of the creature [2].

Skills & abilities: Ferro Lad can turn himself into a being of living iron with extraordinary strength and indestructibility. He has completed the Legion's personal combat training program.

Equipment: Legion flight ring, giving him flight capability.

Continuity: Pre-crisis DC Universe
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Adventure Comics #346 (1966)
Creator(s): Jim Shooter
Mort Weisinger
Country of origin: USA USA

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