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Mysa Nal

Alias: White Witch

Place of birth: Naltor

Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 118 lbs.
Other distinguishing features: White skin and antennae like growth from her eyes
Race: Naltorean

Occupation: Legionnaire
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Nura Nal (sister)
Group affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Base of operations: 30th Century Earth

Skills & abilities: The White Witch is a skilled sorceress. Her magic is affecting basic forces of the universe, people and objects. The spells requires preparation, so she cannot use most of the complex spells at will without knowing in advance. Contrary to ordinary Naltoreans, Mysa have no precognitive abilities.

The White Witch has completed the Legion's personal combat training, but she is not a skilled fighter.

Equipment: LSH flight ring, enabling her to fly without the use of her magic.

Continuity: Pre-crisis DC Universe
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Adventure Comics #350 (1966)
Creator(s): E. Nelson Bridwell
Mort Weisinger
Curt Swan
Country of origin: USA USA