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Nura Nal

Dream Girl Alias: Dream Girl

Date of birth: December 8
Place of birth: Naltor

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Platinum
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 125 lbs.
Race: Naltorean

Occupation: Legionnaire
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Mysa Nal (sister)
Group affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Legion of Substitute Heroes
Base of operations: 30th Century Earth

Story: Nura Nal, who was the strongest precog on Naltor, saw the death of several member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in a vision, and went to Earth to stop the vision for coming through. She joined the Legion, taking the name Dream Girl, and tried to trick the other legionnaires to expel the endangered heroes. The plan didn't work out, and what she had seen were robot decoys being destroyed. Dream Girl's ulterior motives were revealed, having joined for the wrong reasons, she resigned from the Legion [Adventure Comics #317].

While being in the Legion she met Thom Kallor, Star Boy, and fell in love with him. The Naltorean Kenz Nuhor who loved Nura set out to kill Star Boy to remove the competition but ended up being killed by Star Boy instead. The death of Nuhor resulted in a trial where Star Boy was expelled from the Legion of Super-Heroes as killing even in self defense was not allowed. Following the trial, Dream Girl joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes and took Star Boy with her [Adventure Comics #342].

Skills & abilities: Like most other Naltoreans, Dream Girl has the ability to see the future. She is however the Naltorean with the strongest precognitive ability and can see up to one year in advance. Nura is also skilled in advanced technology, especially biotech. As a Legionnaire, she has completed personal combat training.

Equipment: Legion flight ring, giving her flight capability.

Continuity: Pre-crisis DC Universe
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Adventure Comics #317 (1964)
Creator(s): Edmond Hamilton
John Forte
Country of origin: USA USA