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Ral Benem

Alias: Chlorophyll Kid

Date of birth: August 15
Place of birth: Mardru

Eyes: Green
Hair: Green, originally blond
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 190 lbs.
Race: Mardruan

Occupation: Substitute Legionnaire
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Mother seen, no name.
Group affiliation: Legion of Substitute Heroes
Base of operations: 30th Century Earth

Story: As an infant, Ral Benem fell into a tank of a powerful plant growing solution in a hydroponic garden. The exposure to the growth solution gave him the ability to make plants grow with extreme speed [Adventure Comics #306].

As a young man, Ral Benem went to Earth to join the Legion of Super-Heroes, but he was rejected. Outside the Legion headquarters he met four other rejected heroes, and together they decided to form the Legion of Substitute Heroes serving as a backup for the Legion [Adventure Comics #306].

Skills & abilities: The ability to stimulate extremely rapid plant growth.

Equipment: Chlorophyll Kid carries various seeds in his belt for suitable contingencies.

Continuity: Pre-crisis DC Universe
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Adventure Comics #306 (1963)
Creator(s): Edmond Hamilton
John Forte
Country of origin: USA USA