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Roy Harper

Alias: Speedy
Red Arrow

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 162 lbs
Race: Human

Occupation: Adventurer/crime fighter
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Secret
Known relatives: Oliver Queen (foster father)
Connor Hawke (foster brother)
Lian (daughter)
Group affiliation: Teen Titans
Suicide Squad
Young Justice
Justice League of America
Base of operations: Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Story: When the Justice League was reassembled after the formation of the 52 worlds, Arsenal was one of the heroes was offered to join. Roy accepted, and at the same time changed his name to Red Arrow and donned a new costume resembling the one Green Arrow had worn when he was in the Justice League, only red [Justice League of America (2nd series) #7].

Skills & abilities: Speedy is a highly skilled archer and master of hand-to-hand combat.
Equipment: Harpher's weapon of choice is bow and arrow, sometimes with trick arrows, but he generally uses whatever weapon is available.

Continuity: post-crisis New Earth/Earth-0
Publisher(s): DC Comics
First app.: As Speedy: More Fun Comics #73 (1941)
As Arsenal: The New Titans #99 (1993)
As Red Arrow: Justice League of America (2nd series) #7 (2007)
Creator(s): Mort Weisinger
George Papp
Country of origin: USA USA

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