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Alias: Citizen Abra
Abra Kadabra

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6' 6''
Weight: 195 lbs
Race: Human

Occupation: Former stage magician, now professional criminal

Story: Abra Kadabra grew up in the 64th century and became a stage magician. The technology at the time made his tricks seem commonplace and not really interesting. Frustrated by the lack of audience, he took an experimental time machine and traveled back to the 20th century. Here he tried to gain attention as a stage magician, but failed to get any attention. After the failure, Abra Kadabra turned to crime. At first it was just a matter of gain attention, but as his plans were foiled by the Flash, he started focusing on revenge instead [Who's Who (first series) #1].

Equipment: Abra Kadabra uses various types of technology from the 64th century for teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis and physical transformation of matter. He often channels his technological powers through a thin wand, but it is a personal preference rather than a necessity.

Continuity: pre-crisis Earth-1
Publisher(s): DC Comics
First app.: The Flash (first series) #128 (1962)
Creator(s): John Broome
Carmine Infantino
Country of origin: USA USA

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