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Little Toot

Little Toot Eyes: Black
Race: Tugboat

Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Big Toot (father)

Story: Little Toot is a small tugboat who lives with his father Big Toot.

Continuity: Disney
Publisher(s): Putnam Publishing Group
Gold Key
First app.: Original version: Little Toot (1939)
Disney version: Melody Time (1948)
Creator(s): Hardie Gramatky
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: Little Toot was originally a children's book created by Hardie Gramatsky in 1939 while he was an animator at Disney. Disney licensed the character for the cartoon Melody Time from 1949 where one of the stories was about Little Toot. Little Toot starred in his own cartoon Little Toot again in 1954, and a few stories was made for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. The character Little Toot has not been used by Disney for many years. It has been speculated that Disney lost the licencing rights, but these speculations has not been confirmed.

Names around the World:
BrazilRebocadorzinho Agapito
DenmarkLille Tut
Ο μικρός Τουτ
Τουτ (- Τουτ το μικρό ρυμουλκό)
FinlandPikku Purtilo
MexicoEl pequeño remolcador
NetherlandsKleine Toet
PortugalRebocadorzinho Agapito
SerbiaМали Реморкер
SwedenLilla Tråget
UK/USALittle Toot

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