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Former names: Kurr

Eyes: Green
Hair: None
Height: 5' 10'' (6' at top of fin)
Weight: 450 lbs.
Other distinguishing features: Two toes, fangs, a fin on his head, disproportionately large upper body and arms.

Legal status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: Married
Identity: Publicly known
Known relatives: Malcom Eugene Dragon (son)
Jennifer Murphy (wife)
Angel Murphy (adopted daughter)
Group affiliation: Chicago Police Force
Freak Force (while it was part of the police department)
Special Operations Strikeforce
Base of operations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Story: On Earth, Kurr was found in a burning field, from where he was taken to Hillman Hospital. Here he met Lieutenant Frank Darling who tried to find out who he was and where he came from [SD mini #1] (happened in 1991). In the hospital, he also met nurse Stevens, named the man Dragon, due to his green skin and the fin on his head. Dragon liked the name, and it became his new name [SD mini #2]

When he got out of the hospital, Lt. Darling helped Dragon getting a life by gettting him a job and place to stay at his cousin Fred's store. He did however have other plans for Dragon. The city was having increasing problems with super powered beings, so Darling wanted Dragon to join the force. At first Dragon refused, but when Fred was attacked and killed by super beings from the Vicious Circle, he joined the police force [SD mini #1].

On the force, Dragon immediately started working on the problem with the Vicious Circle, and superpowered criminals in general [SD mini #1]. He also started having a normal life. Soon after starting as a cop, he met Debbie Harris who became his first lover just before she was killed by her former boyfriend [SD #1]. This led to the creation of the Fiend and caused a lot of troubles before he/they were stopped [SD #3, 13, 18,19,22,29,30,31].

Having a superpowered being like the Dragon on the force turned out to be a good idea, and soon after Dart, Barbaric, Horridus and Rapture joined the force, forming a group that was popularly known as Freak Force [SD #2, 4, 5]. That however turned out to be a disaster, and Dart, Barbaric, Horridus and Rapture left to form a new Freak Force instead, leaving Dragon to be the the sole superpowered being on the force [SD #6].

Dragon retained a strong bond to Freak Force, as he became involved with Sharona Jackson/Rapture. At first Dragon took it slow due to his experience with his first girlfriend, but it was only a short time before they were in a serious relationship [SD #13 (Larsen version)]. Sharona moved in with Dragon, and things were going well, though there were some minor problems along the road. The big turning point came when Rapture asked him to marry her. At first Dragon didn't want to marry her as he thought he couldn't give her the life she wanted with husband and kids, at which point Rapture revealed that she was pregnant with his child [SD #27]. Previous tests had shown Dragon to be sterile due to what was done to him before he was sent to Earth, making him ask if it was his child. The result was that he was thrown out immediately [SD #28].

When Dragon contacted Ann Stevens right after to be tested to see if things had changed, Sharona misunderstood and thought he was having an affair, making her even more mad at him. Dragon returned after a brief detour to Hell [SD #30,31] just in time to see his newborn child that had been born after just 5 months pregnancy, just before it was kidnapped by the Covenant of the Sword and a replication was left in its stead leaving everyone to believe the child was dead. The loss on top of the misunderstandings that hadn't been resolved ruined the relationship beyond repair [SD #33]. The relationship got better a little better over time, but it never got back on track before Rapture was killed by Darklord a year later [SD #43].

Continuity: Erik Larsen's part of the Image Universe
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
First app.: Comics: The Savage Dragon (mini-series) #1 (1992)
Cartoons: R.S.V.P. (1995)
Creator(s): Erik Larsen
Country of origin: USA USA

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