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Sukke Eyes: Black
Hair: Yellow feathers
Race: Canary

Story: Sukke is a young canary doing stupid things along with his friend Fokke.

Continuity: Fokke & Sukke
Publisher(s): De Harmonie
First app.: Comics: Propria Cures (1994)
Creator(s): Jean-Marc van Tol
John Reid
Bastiaan Geleijnse
Country of origin: Netherlands Netherlands

Background notes: The cartoon phenomenon Beavis & Butthead is long gone, but their legacy still lives. Fokke & Sukke are a couple of politically incorrect teenagers doing stupid things like Beavis & Butthead, but taken up a notch, and with the European lack of fear of showing nudity. Most notably the two birds are running around with their genitals showing, though apparently the official story is that it is their tail feathers (some of the stips would contradict this).

The cooperation between Jean-Marc van Tol, John Reid, and Bastiaan Geleijnse started out as a comic strip project named Heibel in Hong Kong, for which a character named Sukke was created. Shortly after, the Amsterdam student magazine Propria Cures contacted them, requesting a Christmas comic strip, and the name Sukke was reused; this time as a duck with a partner, a canary, named Fokke. By Easter 1994, the series started on a regular bases in the Propria Cure, and in 1997, the first collection was published by De Harmonie.

Today, the series is still running, and has migrated to other papers and other countries (Germany and U.K. so far under the names "Fokke & Sokke" and "Duck and Birdie").

So far, Fokke & Sukke have only appeared outside comics as merchandise.

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