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Natacha Eyes: Black
Hair: Reddish blonde
Race: Human

Occupation: Stewardess at Bardaf
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Natacha (grandmother)

Story: Natacha is a stewardess who travels the World on adventures with her best friend Walther. When the adventures involve her work, she and Walther are often accompanied by the airline pilot captain Turbo.

Continuity: Natacha
Publisher(s): Dupuis
Marsu Productions
First app.: Journal de Spirou #1662 (1970)
Creator(s): François Walthéry
Country of origin: Belgium Belgium

Background notes: Natacha started in the Belgian magazine Journal de Spirou, like many other European successes. It was a cooperation between the writer Gos and the writer/artist François Walthéry, but it has been Walthéry who has kept the series going, by writing the stories along with a number of different writers and on occasion with some help on the art. The series was from the beginning an action comedy, with varying focus on the action and the humor, depending on the authors, but has always focused on telling a both funny and thrilling story. This is probably why the series is still a success. Gos and Walthéry started on the series in 1967, but it was not until 1970, the first story Natacha, Hôtesse de l'air was published.

Like other popular series starting out in Journal de Spirou, the stories were collected in albums, as they were finished, thereby keeping them in print. So far 20 albums have been published. The last of the album length stories to be published in Journal de Spirou was Les nomades du ciel from 1988. After this the stories were only published as albums. The change came at the same time as the publisher changed from Dupuis to Marsu Productions, which may be a part of the explanation. On occasion, Natacha is still seen in Journal de Spirou, but only as reprints or ads.

While Natacha is one of the most beautiful and well built women in comics, the series is remarkably free from sexual references, and should not be mistaken for a T & A series. The sexual potential of the character however, has not gone unnoticed. Several pictures by various artists, including Walthéry, containing a more adult take on the character, can be found, and also an adult parody on the first story Natacha, Hôtesse de l'air named Nathalie, la petite hôtesse was published in 1985.

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