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Race: Greek gods

Occupation: God of war, action and determination
Known relatives: Zeus (father)
Hera (mother)
Eris (sister)
Hebe (sister)
Eileithyia (sister)
Deimos (son)
Phobos (son)
Kyknos (son, deceased)
Hippolyte (daughter)
Base of operations: Mount Olympus

Story: Ares was the embodiment of war and was disliked by most of the other gods. During the Trojan War [2] he fought on the side of the Trojans with his two horses Flame and Terror pulling his war chariot. During the war he was wounded by Pallas Athene and had to be saved by Aphrodite who loved him. He returned to Mt. Olympus where he was healed by Paieon. Even though he was disliked, hated or feared by the other gods, he was still honored by all the great warriors.

When his son Kyknos was killed by Herakles, he was unable to avenge his son as Herakles was Zeus' favorite son and Ares his least favorite son [1].

Continuity: Greek Mythology
First app.: Homer: The Iliad (800 BC)
Country of origin: Greece Greece

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References: 1: Hesiod: Homeric Hymn to Helios
2: Hesiod: Theogony