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Race: Greek gods, Titan

Occupation: Sun god
Marital Status: Married
Known relatives: Uranos (father)
Gaia (mother)
Eryphaesa (sister, wife)
Oceanus (brother)
Coeus (brother)
Crius (brother)
Iapetus (brother)
Cronus (brother)
Theia (sister)
Rhea (sister)
Mnemosyne (sister)
Phoebe (sister)
Tethys (sister)
Themis (sister)
Helios (son)
Eos (daughter)
Selene (daughter)

Story: Hyperion was the eldest of the Titans that sprung from Gaia and Uranos. He had three daughters with either Eryphaesa [1] or Theia [2].

Continuity: Greek Mythology
First app.: Homer: The Iliad (800 BC)
Country of origin: Greece Greece

Background notes: Hyperion is a minor character in regards to Greek mythology. Like the rest of the Titans of his generation, he represent a force of nature, in his case the Sun.

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References: 1: Hesiod: Homeric Hymn to Helios
2: Hesiod: Theogony