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Eyes: Brown
Hair: Rust colored fur
Other distinguishing features: Chemistry has no tail
Race: Monkey

Story: Theodore Marley Brooks, Ham, found the monkey on a mission in Santa Amoza in South America. Ham and Monk met the simian in the jungle where it took an instant liking to Monk thinking he was a relative. For some unknown reason the simian and the pig Habeas Corpus did not think much of each other when they first met. On their first meeting, the simian took a stick and hit the pig, which ran away squealing. Ham took an instant liking to the monkey after that. He named it Chemistry and kept it as his pet [1].

Chemistry stayed with Ham and the rest of Doc Savage's team and went with them on many missions.

Continuity: Doc Savage
Publisher(s): Street & Smith
First app.: Doc Savage Magazine #32: Dust of Death (1935)
Creator(s): Lester Dent
Country of origin: USA USA

  1. Doc Savage: Dust of Death

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