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Docteur Poche

Docteur Poche Real name: Unknown

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Other distinguishing features: Poche has a very long thin nose
Race: Human

Occupation: Medical doctor
Marital Status: Single

Story: Poche had just started as a doctor in a small village when one evening a young woman was brought in. The woman was a animated mannequin which had been run down by a car. Due to a misunderstanding the mannequin escaped and Poche was accused of having killed a young woman. Poche escaped the police and while trying to hide he found himself in an antiquity store where the owner helped him by giving him a suit and a coat which had belonged to a magician. While clearing his name and solving the mystery of the animated mannequin, Poche discovered that the coat was magical and made him able to fly [1].

Equipment: Poche has a magical coat which enables him to fly.

Continuity: Docteur Poche
Publisher(s): Dupuis
First app.: Journal de Spirou #2001: "Il est minuit, Docteur Poche" (1976)
Creator(s): Marc Wasterlain
Country of origin: Belgium Belgium

Names around the World:
BelgiumDocteur Poche
DenmarkDoktor Pind
FranceDocteur Poche

References: 1: Journal de Spirou #2001