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Artige Werner

Artige Werner Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Grade schooler
Marital Status: Single

Story: Artige Werner is the goody two-shoes always trying to do the right thing. Usually he is also the victim of Skrækkelige Olfert's jokes.

Continuity: Skrækkelige Olfert
Publisher(s): Gutenberghus
Egmont Magasiner
First app.: Hjemmet (1958)
Creator(s): Hans Qvist
Country of origin: Denmark Denmark

Background notes: When Qvist started his series about the horrible kid Olfert, he obviously needed a kid who could be the victim. Olfert always doing the wrong things, Werner would need to be the one to always be well behaved, hence the name Artige Werner, meaning Goody-two-shoes Werner.


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