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Charles Flanders

Alias: Kid Supreme

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Story: Charles Flanders found out that he could tap into Supreme's powers and became Supreme's sidekick during the war. Flanders was however more of a pet than an actual partner [2]. This was also seen when Supreme returned to Earth. He visited Flanders, but it was a short and not very pleasant visit [1].

When Probe was Supreme, she looked Flanders up. At this point she didn't know who she was, and tried to get her memories back. This meeting showed that this Supreme was different from the original, as he couldn't tap into this Supreme's powers. He could however tap into the new Kid Supreme's powers as they were based on Supreme's own powers. Unfortunately the powers drove him mad and almost killed him [2].

Skills & abilities: Charles could tap into Supreme's powers, giving him the same flight, strength, invulnerability etc. for a while.

Continuity: Rob Liefeld's part of the Image universe
Publisher(s): Image
Extreme Studios
First app.: Supreme (vol. 2) #9 (1993)
Creator(s): Rob Liefeld
Country of origin: USA USA

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References: 1: Supreme (vol. 2) #9
2: Supreme (vol. 2) #27