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Hobby Hipp

Hobby Hipp Eyes: Black
Hair: Blond
Race: Human

Story: Hobby Hipp is a kid from the 1970s fighting for idealism and power to the people.

Continuity: Hobby Hipp
Publisher(s): Bulls Presstjänst AB
First app.: 1970s
Creator(s): Sissel Solem
Country of origin: Norway Norway

Background notes: Hobby Hipp was one of those short lived and rather obscure comic strips, based on the World seen from the eyes of kids. Unlike timeless series like Peanuts, the series was firmly set in the 1970s complete with flower power, protesters, left wing movements and power to the people.

The humor was mostly dry and quirky and a lot of energy was spent poking fun of human double standards like driving alone in your car to the demonstration for using public transportation. Being set in the hippie environment most of the punchlines requires some knowledge of the 70s, preferably personal experience to be understood or appreciated.


Cross cultural references:
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