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Aphrodite IX

Eyes: Green
Hair: Green
Race: Android

Occupation: Surveillance, interrogation, infiltration, and assassination
Known relatives: Tyson Mane (creator/father)
Madame chairman (template for personality)

Story: Aphrodite was created by doctor Tyson Mane. He developed her like a human, bringing her up and educating her as his own child. After some time, Aphrodite was taken away by the chairman and trained as an obedient servant. At the public presentation of Aphrodite and the technology behind, Aphrodite was ordered to kill Mane, which she did. The traumatic experience of killing her "father" made her forget everything after each mission she took, as they reminded her of the death of her "father". After the execution of Mane, Aphrodite was send on a number of missions by the man known as Burch, which she carried out succesfully and subsequently forgot. Slowly her buried memories began to seep thru, remembering bits and pieces of the past, ending with a confrontation with the chairman and her release from Burch and the chairmans bonds [1-5].

Skills & abilities: Aphrodite is a synthetic woman designed for surveillance, interrogation, infiltration, and assasination. The exact nature of her abilities has not been revealed, but her actions show great strength and expert marksmanship with firearms.

Continuity: Self-contained continuity
Publisher(s): Image
Top Cow
First app.: Aphrodite IX (vol. 1) #1
Creator(s): David Wohl
Dave Finch
Country of origin: USA USA

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