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Joe Valez

Alias: Tank

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Race: Human - Harbinger

Group affiliation: Secret Weapons

Story: During a job as a body guard in 1984, Joe got trapped in a burning house. He escaped almost without any injuries, as it turned out he was a harbinger gifted with the ability to adapt to an applied force, in effect making him invulnerable. Joe was selected for the Project: Secret Weapons by Neville Alcott [1].

Skills & abilities: Joe is a harbinger with the ability to adapt to applied force making him invulnerable to heat, cold, knives and, if he has enough time, bullets.

Continuity: Valiant VH-1
Publisher(s): Valiant
First app.: Secret Weapons (vol. 1) #11 (1994)
Creator(s): Maurice Fontenot
Peter Grau
Country of origin: USA USA

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References: 1: Secret Weapons #11