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Gem Antonelli

Alias: Copycat

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark red
Height: 5' 4''
Weight: 105 lbs.
Other distinguishing features: Diamond shaped red tattoo under left eye
Race: Gen-active human

Legal status: US citizen
Marital Status: Single
Group affiliation: I.O.
Base of operations: New York City, USA

Story: Gem Antonelli was a part of Project: Genesis and was one of the kids Ivana Baiul took away with her to get her own secret team of super-powered soldiers.

Skills & abilities: Copycat can control the actions of a person either by touching or standing near the person. The possession makes the victim copy any move Copycat does.

Continuity: WildStorm part of the Image Universe
Publisher(s): WildStorm
First app.: Gen-13 #7 (1996)
Creator(s): Brandon Choi
J. Scott Campbell
Jim Lee
Country of origin: USA USA

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