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Laurel Lakeland

Alias: The Cobweb

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Super-hero
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Secret
Base of operations: Indigo City, USA

Story: Laurel Lakeland is the latest Cobweb in a long family line of adventuresses fighting crime and injustice.

Continuity: America's Best Comics
Publisher(s): America's Best Comics
DC Comics
First app.: Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories #1 (1999)
Creator(s): Alan Moore
Melinda Gebbie
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: The stories about the Cobweb and her chauffeur Clarice ran in the anthology series Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories as one of four series paying homage to classical comics. This particular series was a nod to the Golden Age heroines running around in thin dresses and high heels like the Blonde Phantom from Marvel and Phantom Lady from Quality Comics/DC Comics. The Golden Age heroines were very innocent in regards to sexual references and the stories were based on action. Tomorrow Stories however was made for an older audience and in the modern times. The series relied heavily on sex, both explicit and implicit, without ever actually showing anything that would make it a mature title.

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