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Splash Branigan

Splash Branigan Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Ink blot

Occupation: Super-hero
Marital Status: Single

Story: The cartoonist Mort Gort had the idea that he wanted to make 3D characters from 4D ink. He succeeded in doing so, only to spill it all right after the creation. To his surprise the spilled ink came to life. Splash Branigan was born. Splash resolved to use his ink-like abilities to be a super-hero [Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories (vol. 1) #6].

Skills & abilities: Splash can form his ink body in any shape he desires.

Continuity: America's Best Comics
Publisher(s): America's Best Comics
DC Comics
First app.: Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories (vol. 1) #6
Creator(s): Alan Moore
Hilary Barta
Country of origin: USA USA

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