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Laurel Gand

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 160 lbs.
Race: Daxamite

Occupation: Legionnaire
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Mother and father, no names, deceased
Eltro (cousin)
Group affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Base of operations: 30th Century Earth

Story: Laurel Gand grew up with her parents on the asteroid city Ricklef II on the rim of Daxam's star system. The asteroid city was a part of the Daxamite defence systems, and when the would-be conqueror Zaryan wanted to expand the Khund Empire, he attacked the city, killing among other Laurel's parents. Laurel escaped and succeeded in getting the defence system on the asteroid to fend off the attack [Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 series) #9].

Zaryan was one of the Khunds to escape, and though Laurel was a hero to her people and the attack was stopped, she was not safe. The Khunds tried to kill her, and she had to go underground, helped by her cousin Eltro. She was given a serum to protect her from lead poisoning and sent to Earth, where she would have superpowers under the yellow sun [Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 series) #9].

She stayed in an orhpanage in Fargo until she was a young woman and she was contacted by the newly formed Legion of Super-Heroes. Laurel became the ninth member to join the Legion [Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 series) #9].

Skills & abilities: Superspeed, superstrength, laser vision, x-ray vision, supersenses, and invulnerability to anything but lead.

Continuity: Legion of Super-Heroes (Glorithverse timeline)
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Legion of Super-Heroes #6 (1990)
Creator(s): Keith Giffen
Tom Bierbaum
Mary Bierbaum
Al Gordon
Country of origin: USA USA

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