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Frank Verrano

Alias: Inferno

Eyes: Brown in human form, blue in Inferno form
Hair: Auburn in human form, none in Inferno form
Race: Metahuman

Identity: Secret

Story: The man known as Frank Verrano was brought into a hospital in San Francisco with no recollection of his past [The Hangman #1]. As he was lying there, he was attacked by an assassin. The attempt on his life triggered a transformation into a body with pyrokinetic abilities, and he named himself Inferno. Along with the Hangman who worked at the hospital as Robert Dickering, he took out the assassin and the backup coming to finish the job. In the mean time, lieutenant Lynn Barker who was on the case tried to find him in the system, only to discover that there was no trace of him existing anywhere [Inferno #1].

After defeating the attackers, Verrano disappeared and started trying to find out who he was [Inferno #1].

Skills & abilities: Pyrokinetic in Inferno form.

Continuity: post-crisis New Earth/Earth-0
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Superman #688 (2009)
Creator(s): J. Michael Straczynski
Greg Scott
Country of origin: USA USA

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