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Bonnie Harris

Alias: The Fiend

Date of death: 1996
Place of death: Hell

Eyes: Blue as human, red as the Fiend
Hair: Gray
Race: Human

Legal status: U.S. citizen
Known relatives: Debbie Harris (daughter, deceased)
Base of operations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Story: Debbie Harris lived with her mother in the building where Dragon also lived. After being locked of the apartment by her mother she stayed the night in Dragon's apartment [1]. Debbie and Dragon became lovers instead, but it only lasted that night. In the morning, her mother called her former boyfriend Arnold Dimple who went to Dragon's apartment. When Debbie answered the door instead of Dragon she was shot and killed instantly after which Dimple killed himself [2].

Mrs. Harris blamed Dragon for the death of her daughter and blinded by hatred she made a pact with the Fiend, an entity driven by hatred who needed a host [2]. As the Fiend, Harris tried to kill Dragon several times, but when she resurrected her daughter she discovered that Debbie was in Heaven and wanted to have Dragon with her, which could happen if she succeeded in killing Dragon. Choosing the lesser of two evils for her, she let Dragon live [3,4].

She did return later to hurt Dragon severely [5], but it wasn't until she made a deal with the Devil she made a new attempt at getting revenge for the death of her daughter. She captured Dragon and had his soul transferred to Hell [6]. Believing Hell to be too little punishment, she followed Dragon to help make things even worse [7]. Here Dragon revealed the Fiend to be Arnold Dimple and as Bonnie Harris realized that she had made a deal with her daughters murderer she split up with Dimple and started fighting with him instead. Her plans to trap Dragon in Hell were completely destroyed when God and the Devil arrived shortly after, and Dragon was rescued and sent back to Earth while she was thrown further down in Hell [8].

Skills & abilities: As the Fiend, Harris had super-human strength and flight capability. Also she was able to resurrect the dead for a limited time.

Continuity: Erik Larsen's part of the original Image Universe
Publisher(s): Image
First app.: Savage Dragon #1 (1993)
Creator(s): Erik Larsen
Country of origin: USA USA

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