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David Gorelick

Alias: Skullface

Date of birth: February 1, 1968
Place of birth: Rosemont, Illinois, USA
Date of death: 1995
Place of death: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Eyes: Red
Hair: Orange
Height: 6' 4''
Weight: 220 lbs.
Other distinguishing features: Skullface has transparent skin
Race: Human

Occupation: Enforcer for the Vicious Circle
Legal status: U.S. citizen, presumably with a criminal record
Group affiliation: Vicious Circle
Base of operations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Story: David Gorelick was a petty thief, drug dealer and smalltime hood. While trying to steal computers from the government research facility Bio-Tech, he ran into Frank Darling. Trying to escape, Gorelick fell into a vat of chemical that transformed him. He became super-strong and his skin became transparent and toxic so he had to be sealed in a special body armor [4].

Taking the name Skullface, Gorelick joined the Vicious Circle where he soon became one of Overlord's most trusted lieutenants [4]

Skullface died trying to catch Frank Darling of Chicago PD. During the chase Skullface fell on a rig carrying gasoline. The impact opened the tank and Darling threw a lit lighter after him. Skullface was burned to a crisp in the explosion [1-3]

Skills & abilities: Enhanced strength and toxic skin.

Continuity: Erik Larsen's part of the original Image Universe
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
First app.: Savage Dragon (mini-series) #1 (1992)
Creator(s): Erik Larsen
Country of origin: USA USA

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