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Rasmus Dyrepasser

Rasmus Dyrepasser Real name: Unknown

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Zookeeper

Story: Rasmus Dyrepasser is the pleasant zookeeper, taking care of all the animals at the zoo.

Continuity: Rasmus Dyrepasser
Publisher(s): Carl Allers Etabl. A/S
First app.: Skipper Skræk #40 (1955)
Creator(s): Holger Philipsen
Country of origin: Denmark Denmark

Background notes: Rasmus Dyrepasser is the series about the zookeeper Rasmus (Dyrepasser is a generic name for a caretaker of animals in Danish). The series was made by Holger Philipsen who is mostly known for his series Carlt, and is today only a small note in Danish publication. Most of the series is pantomime, but from time to time a few lines or explanatory signs were needed to make the jokes work. The series like his other series is a purely Danish phenomenon, and only ran in the weekly Danish anthology series Skipper Skræk (Skipper Skræk is the Danish name for Popeye the Sailor). The series ran from #40 in 1955 thru #13 in 1963, except #50 from 1962.


Cross cultural references:
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