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Old Man

Old Man Real name: Unknown
Alias: The Unicorn

Hair: None
Race: Human

Identity: Secret
Group affiliation: B.T.L.
Foot Soldiers

Story: Before the heroes died, the Old Man was a super-hero known as the Unicorn. No one knew how it started, but the heroes started fighting among themselves ending with all the heroes being dead and the villains alive. The villains took over the city, and in order to protect people, B.T.L. was created. Among the first B.T.L. was the man who would later be known as the Old Man [2].

At some point the Old Man discovered that the system with B.T.L. was destroying humanity and set out to save the humans behind B.T.L. by destroying the B.T.L. organization. He left B.T.L. and started walking the streets [2]. A part of his plan was to save the world by reintroducing heroes, and so he took some of the kids Story, Johnny and Rags from the streets to the Graveyard of Forgotten Heroes to get some of the dead heroes items. For a while he trained the three boys in using the items they had found, after which he and the Foot Soldiers as the boys called themselves started fighting the B.T.L. [1].

Equipment: The Old Man has a crutch with some sort of power. Exactly what power was not revealed.

Continuity: Foot Soldiers
Publisher(s): Dark Horse
First app.: Foot Soldiers (vol. 1)#1 (1996)
Creator(s): Jim Krueger
Michael Avon Oeming
Country of origin: USA USA

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2: Foot Soldiers (vol. 3): The Spokesman