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Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Cowboy
Legal status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: Single

Story: Lucky Luke is the poor lonesome cowboy who's riding around in the wild west, helping people and hunting down the Dalton Brothers when they have escaped. He is followed by his faithfull steed Jolly Jumper and often he is also followed by the not so bright dog Rantanplan.

Skills & abilities: Lucky Luke draws faster than his own shadow and is and excellent marksman.

Equipment: Lucky Luke carries a six shooter.

Continuity: Lucky Luke
Publisher(s): Dargaud
Lucky Comics
First app.: Comics: "Arizona 1880" in Almanach Spirou 1947 (1946)
Cartoons: Daisy Town (1971)
Movies: Lucky Luke (1991)
Creator(s): Morris (Maurice De Bévère)
Country of origin: Belgium Belgium

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