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Abigail Mercy Wright

Alias: Mercy

Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple
Race: Human

Occupation: Angel of mercy
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Secret
Group affiliation: U.S. army
Base of operations: Mobile

Story: Abigail Mercy Wright was Emil Blonsky's assistant while he worked for the US army. While she was there, she was diagnosed with brain tumor and only a few months to live. Blonsky offered her to participate in an experimental treatment with gamma radiation and Mercy took the offer. The treatment cured her, but it also changed her, giving her powers [1].

With her new powers, Mercy tried to get the Hulk for Blonsky as he had requested, but in the following fight, she was defeated and presumed dead. Instead she began as an angel of mercy bringing the blessing of death to those who cried out for it [1]. Among others, she tried to help Bruce Banner kill himself though it was against his will [3].

Later she changed her story to being an alien and her job to helping the dying in making the transition easier instead of actually killing them [1]. It appears the one of her missions in life has turned out to be getting Emil Blonsky killed [2]

Skills & abilities: Psionic powers giving her telekinesis, flight, intangibility and the ability to induce illusions in victims. Mercy can only be seen by those who have been exposed to intense radiation, is near dead, very sick or just feel like seeing her.

Continuity: Marvel Universe (616)
Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
First app.: The Incredible Hulk #338 (1987)
Creator(s): Peter David
Todd McFarlane
Country of origin: USA USA

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