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Darius Christian Dax

Alias: Supremium Man

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Race: Human

Occupation: Mad criminal genius
Legal status: U.S. citizen with a criminal record.
Identity: Publicly known

Story: Darius Dax grew up in Littlehaven with Ethan Crane and Judy Jordan. When he was 15 he stole a substance called supremium from professor Erwin Wells and created an exoskeleton called tremendroid. Dax was defeated by the League of Infinity [1], the supremium was returned to Wells and Dax was send back to reform school [3].

In 1967 Dax discovered that his exposure to supremium had given him lymphatic cancer and the doctors gave him roughly one year to live. Like other people in similar situations Dax started to write his memoire, only he created an extremely small computer in which he downloaded his mind. A number of the computers were digsuised as an inscription in a book which he send to Judy Jordan. Upon her touching the inscription, Dax' mind was transferred to Judy Jordan's body which he inhabited for the following 30 years [3]. Darius Dax body died in 1968 [1].

When his robot "granddaughter" Hilda somehow got the specifics and the location of Supreme's citadel, Darius and Hilda went to the citadel [2] where Darius transferred his concience to the body of Magno, a synthetic being build to absorb the powers of the Allied Supermen. Using Jack O'Lanter's power in Magno, Dax absorbed a piece of supremium, after which the space/time continuum folded upon itself sending Dax back in space and time to Littlehaven in 1958 where he gave Sally Crane her powers [4]. While on his rampage as the Supremium Man, Dax went into doctor Wells lab and stole the supremium isotope he had. When he absorbed this, Dax was send further back in time to 1925 where he was reduced to a meteorite, which was the one responsible for Ethan Crane and Radar getting their powers [4].

Continuity: Rob Liefeld's revised universe
Publisher(s): Image
Extreme Studios
Maximum Press
Awesome Entertainment
First app.: Supreme (vol. 2) #42 (1996)
Creator(s): Alan Moore
Rick Veitch
Country of origin: USA USA

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