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Sam Smith

Alias: Storybook Smith

Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Race: Human

Legal status: U.S. citizen
Identity: Publicly known
Known relatives: Miranda Creel (wife, deceased)
Leanna Creel (daughter, deceased)
Group affiliation: The Allied Supermen of America

Story: During WWII private Sam Smith got the book from the Phantom Aviator just before he was killed during the american's campaign against Rommel [1].

After the war, Smith had joined the Allied Supermen of America and taken the name Storybook Smith. At first he was their mascot, but became full member. He was with the Allied Supermen until they disbanded in 1950 [2].

Smith continued as crime fighter but only as a hobby. At the same time he made a living as narrator on a radio horror show. In these years he wrote the story of his future daughter getting powers while she was out diving. Then things started to go wrong. Around 1958 he was scoring opium from Dr. Fu Manchu and had a lot of junkies hanging around. This resulted in his book being stolen. He never found the book again. In 1959 he became the host of a TV show. About this time he began to drink. His drinking continued up thru the sixties until he disappeared in the seventies. One day he just walked out and never came back [2].

Continuity: Rob Liefeld's part of the Image universe
Publisher(s): Maximum Press
Awesome Entertainment
First app.: Supreme (vol. 1) #42 (1996)
Creator(s): Alan Moore
Rick Veitch
Country of origin: USA USA

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References: 1: Judgment Day (vol. 1) #α
2: Judgment Day (vol. 1) #3