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Leanna Creel

Alias: Riptide

Place of birth: St. Peterburg, Florida
Date of death: 1997
Place of death: Youngblood headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Eyes: Blue
Hair: White with a blue tinge
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 120 lbs
Race: Human

Occupation: Government agent
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Publicly known
Known relatives: Miranda Creel (mother, deceased)
Sam Smith (father)
Group affiliation: Team Youngblood
Base of operations: Youngblood headquarters, Washington D.C

Story: Riptide got her powers during an undersea accident that would have killed her if not for the mysterious Sea Witch. The story of her getting powers was a story, which had been carefully written by her father Storybook Smith many years earlier [2]. Her father left before she was born, but she must have grown up with the story of her famous father and his book, which had been stolen.

When Leanna got her powers, she joined Youngblood. Originally she did it to make some quick money, but soon became an integral part of the team. [4].

When Riptide agreed to pose nude in Pussicat Magazine, she was apparently fired from Youngblood, but after Crypt had destroyed part of Youngblood and Battlestone became leader, she was asked to join again [3].

During a Youngblood barbecue at the Langston household, Riptide found her fathers missing book on Langston's shelves an took it. When Langston realized who had taken the book, he went to Riptide's room, while she was out walking, to take it back. Unfortunately Leanna came back early and surprised him. In the following fight, Langston killed her in cold blood, and tried to frame Knightsabre for the murder [1]. Langston's plans was revealed by Toby King, who found the book, and Langston was put in the Hell of Mirrors in Supreme's Citadel [2].

Skills & abilities: Riptide can draw moisture from the surrounding environment. The ability can be used for creating tidal waves, geyser and water sprouts. The ability can also be used to draw the moisure from an opponent in a battle, dehydrating or even killing him. She can also ride the water e.g. the tidal waves she creates as a mode of transportation [4].

Continuity: Rob Liefeld's part of the Image universe
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
Extreme Studios
Maximum Press
First app.: Youngblood (vol. 1) #1 (1992)
Creator(s): Rob Liefeld
Country of origin: USA USA

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