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Jeff Kessler

Alias: Brahma

Place of birth: Mannassas, Virginia

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 7' 3''
Weight: 950 lbs
Race: Human - Nu-gene active

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Secret
Known relatives: Arthur Kessler (father)
Jillian Kessler (mother, deceased)
Group affiliation: Team Youngblood
The Four

Story: Jeff is the product of a triplet cell that didn't split, and is basically a triple human. Jeff wanted a career in professional football, but it had to take a back seat to his longing to get his fathers affection [5].

Jeff was offered a place in Youngblood's training program Bloodpool, which he took. Here he became friends with Showdown. When he emerged from Bloodpool he was assigned to Team Youngblood [5].

Things didn't work out well for Brahma in Team Youngblood. Torn between wanting to please his father and living a life he considered a lie he eventually went AWOL [1-3].

After a while he joined the Four, lured there by Showdown [4]. It was the closest thing to being in a comfortable crowd. With the appearance of the leader of the Four, Neverman, Brahma realized he had been cheated. As the rest of the Four found out: They had all been cheated. They all attacked and defeated the Neverman. After the defeat of Neverman, Brahma along with Showdown and the rest of the Four went away [5].

One day Brahma was found unconscious on Elizabeth Langston's doorstep [6]. The ShadowHawk robot that was on a rampage at the time had attacked him. He was nursed back to health [7] and rejoined Youngblood [8].

Skills & abilities: Brahma is a triplet cell that never split, giving him three time normal strength and replicate internal anatomy. This makes him huge in height and width and gives him super-human strength and stamina [9].

Continuity: Rob Liefeld's part of the Image universe
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
Extreme Studios
Maximum Press
Awesome Entertainment
First app.: Youngblood (vol. 1) #1 (1992)
Creator(s): Rob Liefeld
Country of origin: USA USA

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