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Showdown Real name: Unknown

Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 950 lbs
Race: Human

Occupation: Professional killer
Identity: Secret
Group affiliation: Bloodpool
The Four

Story: Showdown was initially a participant of the Bloodpool program, but left on bad terms. For while she worked as a hired killer, before joining the Four [1].

Skills & abilities: Unknown but presumed to be master of hand-to-hand combat with training in various fighting techniques [1].

Continuity: Rob Liefeld's part of the Image universe
Publisher(s): Image
Extreme Studios
Maximum Press
First app.: Youngblood (vol. 1) #3 (1992)
Creator(s): Rob Liefeld
Country of origin: USA USA

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References: 1: Youngblood Battlezone (vol. 1) #2